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The Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Center treats patients from all over the Nation. The map above lists areas where our patients originate. Patients are willing to travel to RMSCVA and we are proud to have helped them on their journey to have children. Many times patients learn of our compassionate, individualized approach to fertility treatment and our exceptional success rates from others who have undergone treatment here.

We make treatment successful and affordable and have “money back” guarantee programs for tubal ligation reversal and IVF. Our infertility specialists have extensive training in delicate microsurgical treatment procedures. In fact, as members of the University of Virginia Medical School teaching staff, our physicians instruct others in how to perform procedures.

We are available to help “traveling patients” efficiently plan their journey and ensure quality accommodations. If you live in a distant area and are interested in treatment at the Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Center of Virginia, please call us.

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