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Initial Consultation

The time required for the initial consult will vary dependant upon whether you are an infertility patient, are seeking gynecological care, or are considering a tubal reversal. The initial infertility consult will last approximately 60 minutes and will include a review of your medical history, a physical exam, in some cases an ultrasound, and a discussion of possible treatment plans. The tubal reversal and gynecological consults generally require about thirty minutes. However, our first consideration is understanding each patients needs so consults often last longer.

For all consults it is helpful to have your diagnostic and treatment histories, especially surgeries. Please have all physicians you have seen for your condition send these records to our office prior to your appointment. Record releases can be downloaded from the eIVF system. Please call us at 434-654-8520 or toll free 866-540-5190 if you have questions.

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