Reasons to Preserve your fertility

There are many reasons why women may consider preserving their fertility.  Cancer treatment with chemotherapy or radiation may lead to ovarian failure and women with cancer may desire to egg freezingcryopreserve (freeze) fertilized eggs (embryos) or oocytes (eggs) prior to proceeding with such cancer treatments.  Other women may desire to delay attempting pregnancy due to time constraints of education or work or perhaps desire to have children but have not yet found a partner and are not interested in using donor sperm.

Men may also be interested to preserve their fertility if they plan to undergo chemotherapy or radiation that will damage sperm production.  Men may also desire to freeze sperm for use by their partner in fertility treatments if they will be apart from their partner for an extended duration of time such as a military deployment.  Sperm can also be cryopreserved (frozen) and stored for future use just like embryos or oocytes.